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The Xenofeminist Manifesto was published in 2015 by the collective Laboria Cuboniks. It stems from a dissatisfaction about the lack of a type of feminism that responds to the challenges and conditions of the 21st century. The manifesto picks up themes that were first discussed by Cyberfeminists of the 1990s with their techno-utopian expectations of what the internet can offer to us. Focussing on liberating us from the confines of gender, race and other power structures, it looks up to inherent open-source, anonymous, and bottom-up philosophies of the web and technology, and subsequently understands itself as a code for anyone to use and alter.
3rdspace is a response to XF and an exploration into the potentials of technology to escape modern structures of control, such as when norms or degrading social standards are stated as factually ‘natural' and 'given'. As artists, we are trying to reprogram the existing world’s code and engineer new ones - whether it’s about how we communicate and perceive knowledge, how we relate to our ourselves or how we effect our environment. As a consequence, the artists’ works revolve around the the XF motto; "If nature is unjust, change nature".

Curated by Gwendolin Barnard